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Where button doll angel blessings, fairy dust and magic come together

 Maria’s Wings of Enchantment is the place for unique one of a kind button dolls and all things enchanted and whimsical. We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of one of a kind button doll creations to bring enchantment into your world. Here you will find Angels, Fairies, Cats and Mice, Steampunk characters and seasonal dolls too. We also offer button doll making kits for those who  like to dip their toes into the creative realm, and a wonderful selection of enchanting key rings, butterfly book marks and butterfly pencil toppers. Many other magical things are coming too as we are always drawing inspiration from the enchanted world around us.

Be sure to check out the  How to Organise a Fairy Trail page and The Kids Fairy Tale Wonderland page too for free projects.

 You will love the  Purrrfect Appreciation Fairies

Sometimes in our lives it’s appropriate to remember how grateful we truly are. The Purrrfect Appreciation collection was inspired to convey the sentiments in our hearts to ourselves and those around us. Each Purrrfect Cat holds a special message in their hands that will be a  lasting visual reminder of the appreciation we feel.

New Releases All The Time

The Magic Of Christmas

The festive season is the time we add the magic of Christmas into our homes with beautiful decorations. What makes it so special are the unique handmade ornaments we choose. 

In this collection you will find one of a kind dolls and magical button doll sewing kits that will surely delight everyone and bring in the magic of Christmas and festive cheer.

Let's Make button dolls....

How to make something Special

You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to create your very own button doll. Since new kits will be added periodically in small editions, please be sure to keep coming back to see what’s new so you won’t be disappointed.

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The Endless Love Collection

How to organise a Fairy Trail

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Fairy Trail display

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