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You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to create your very own button doll.

Since new kits will be added regularly, be sure to keep coming back to see what’s new so you don’t miss out.

This craft is so unique and has not been a popular craft for many years, simply because dolls are so available on the high street now.

These dolls however, are not to play with they are for decoration and they will make you beam with pride every time you look at them.

You better get a shelf ready to put all your gorgeous creations on! 

They also make great gifts for many different occasions, gifts that few people will already have. Great ideas for  those hard to buy for relatives!

Over time we will be adding more age appropriate kits for children to make with you, so please do join our membership club to to be the first to know when that happens.

The Material’s Market and the How To Create Sections are coming soon and we will email you as soon as we have made them super yummy for our Enchanted Makers

Kids Fairy Tale Wonderland

We are super keen to bring magic to all children with our


At Wings Of Enchantment we believe that creating can be a very unifying family affair, so we created a page just for the Enchanting Children. 

Here our children send us pictures of the dolls parents are making, the little kits that we will be selling and any other creative thing they want to share. 

Ps. Adults are welcome too, as long as they remember how to be kids!

Let's Create Button Dolls

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