How to Organise a Fairy Trail

How to organise a fairy trail

Bringing some enchantment into your neighbourhood

How to Organise a Fairy Trail

You are wondering how to organise a fairy trail?

Then let me tell you how.

Recently I was involved in participating in a fairy trail. Over 70 residents in my neighbourhood decided to make fairy displays for the children to enjoy finding on their daily walks.

 Watching the wonderment on the faces of the fairy trail finders was wonderful. We kept the trail going for the duration of the recent school holidays, and I have to say that the feedback from the parents was amazing.

So I decided to put together this guide on how to organize a fairy trail in the hope it might inspire others and bring a bit of excitement into the lives of both children and adults alike.Y


An enchanted walk in the community created by the community

Do You Believe?

  1. If possible form a Facebook group for your neighbourhood…..this is great for organizing, promoting and posting pics of the displays. Ask the display makers to give their display a title.
  2. Set a date for the commencement of the displays to be out in the gardens and ask everyone to promote the start date of the trail
  3. Make a map or list of all the displays taking part in the fairy trail.
  4. Advertise the fairy trail map/list collection point  before the starting date……maybe with an incentive of a simply put together gift pack for all those who complete the trail and write the name of each display on their sheet as they find it.
  5. If wished  some of the exhibitors may want to make simple fairy related gifts as giveaways placed next to their displays to make it it even more fun and magical. You could make fairy wands ,keyrings, magic dust bottles, fairy book marks or even fairy swings to hang in the gardens.
  6. Once the fairy trail starts, watch the magic begin with all the enchanted smiling faces.
  7. Some of the fairy finders dressed up in fairy costumes making it even more special.

Here are some examples of fairy gardens

Give away ideas.....

Don't forget to let the fairy finders know they can take a free gift


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