Our Enchanted Environment

Our Enchanted Environment

Our Enchanted Environment
- the way we care.

Our Enchanted Environment is important to us, so the packaging we use for finished dolls is made of tissue paper and cardboard boxes, and we try to avoid single use plastic where ever possible. 

The one place we do use plastic at this time, is in the component bags for the kits we sell. We sincerely hope that our customers also adore the environment and use these bags to hold their maker supplies in or re-purpose them for other uses. 

Single use plastic is really bad for the general environment, so we are investigating other ways of packaging the kits, meanwhile, if you have any suggestion on how we can reduce our carbon footprint, please email us at:

admin@mariaswingsofenchantment.com to help Our Enchanted Environment.

Come with us as we journey towards keeping our world as enchanted an environment as possible.

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