• Dragonfly Immenti button doll

Dragonfly Immenti button doll kit



Dragonfly Immenti button doll kit is a flight of fancy and make believe.

Dragonfly Immenti button doll kit is the perfect sewing project that only requires  basic sewing skills, therefore a fabulous beginner kit. When completed she is approximately 6 inches in size.

First of all you will make the simple two piece body and then sew on the hair. Directly behind the hair you can sew on the antennas and glue on the silver and white pipe cleaner bonnet.

Then you will sew on the silver shoulder jingle bells. After sewing on the jingle bells you will then proceed to thread the beads and buttons in sequence using the diagram. The dragonfly charm is also included in this sequence. Now the arms are completed. You will now thread the beads and buttons for the legs in the same way, again by following the diagram.

After completing the arms and legs you will then sew on the simply made blue sparkly voile dress. The decorative blue and lilac yarn is then sewn to the hemline. Then you can add the star embellishment at the chest.

Last of all you can now glue or sew on the dragonfly sparkly wings. NOW SHE CAN FLY!

All the materials are included in the kit except general sewing thread, glue and a small amount of stuffing. This cute little dragonfly can easily completed within three to for hours, making it an enjoyable creative project.



  • Fabrics
  • Beads
  • Buttons
  • Strong Thread
  • Shoulder bells
  • Star embellishment
  • White and silver pipe cleaner
  • Dragonfly charm
  • Ribbon
  • Wings
  • Patterns
  • Diagrams
  • Instructions

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