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Glistening Snow Kitty Angel


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Glistening Snow Kitty Angel

The Glistening Snow Kitty Angel is an angelic cat that is just purrrfect for the festive season.

She is a one of a kind creation with a luscious pale blue mohair body and acrylic glistening grey cat face.

Each white shanked snowflake shoulder button glistens. Gold beads and white buttons form her arms that have silver bead wrists and iridescent glass white teardrop beads for her hands. These are carefully strung together on strong linen thread and allow some movement. Her legs are made in the same way with a mixture of different tone white buttons with a snowflake bead at the ankle.

She wears a sparkly silver gathered tulle over skirt that has an underneath skirt with gold and silver dots.

A sequin snowflake pendant with a faux pearl bead decorates her bodice.

Her halo  is made with a two tone  snowflake motif making her look  very angelic. 

This  kitty has large white sparkling angel wings. She is waiting to flutter into the home of the person who opens up their heart to her.

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