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Pink Butterfly pencil topper


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Pink butterfly pencil topper.
Two great things you can give to children: one is the encouragement to learn to write, the other is wings to fly

This cute pink butterfly pencil topper comes with a cerise coloured pencil printed with a butterfly design.

The blue felt butterfly has an overlay of sparkly two tone pink fabric. Each wing  is decorated with blue hearts and round cream buttons sewn on with pink embroidery thread. Cerise pink colourpoint painted dots add to the design. The wings also have a pink embroidery rope effect border stitching. 

The  bright green pipe cleaner is sewn to the body  with a bead for the butterfly head with sparkly antennas. The pipe cleaner also has a bead at the bottom and can then be wrapped around the pencil to keep it in place.

The  butterfly pencil topper is mounted on a hand stamped card with beautiful blue butterflies. Then wrapped in cellophane making it a wonderful gift.

 This is sure to delight anyone who likes butterflies.

Butterflies represent new beginnings, just as each written word writes a new chapter.

Butterfly Blessings


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