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Wishes Come True bag fob


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This fabulous Wishes Come True bag fob is like a perfect mini vision board or mantra. It comes to remind you to believe in wishes and dreams, therefor promoting positivity.

The cute Wishes Come True bag fob comprises of a silver tone split ring attached to a chain that holds a beautiful round pendant.

The round silver tone pendant has a dandelion image for you to make a wish. It reads ” WISHES DO COME TRUE” and therefore puts the thought in your mind.

Above the pendant there are two acrylic hearts and an iridescent star. These are attached to the chain so you can wish upon a star and send it with love.

A selection of beautiful colours are available for this particular bag fob. Each one comes displayed on a mounting card that has been carefully hand stamped with enchanting dragonflies and  bell flowers. It is then wrapped in cellophane.

Do you see a dandelion or a wish waiting to be made? In folklore it is believed that when a dandelion has turned to seed, then that is the time to make a wish. You just you blow all the seeds into the wind and out into the universe. It’s as easy as that. Naturally, this for me is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Wishes come true when you believe, and so, you just have to truly feel it in your heart. It is said that you just have to  think of your wish or dream for a minimum of seventeen seconds. That is all it takes for the universe to start conspiring to make it come true. So when you dare to dream of wishes coming true just reach for the stars.

  This inspiring bag fob is perfect for gifting, sent with love and promoting that Wishes Do Come True…but only if you believe


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