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We are thrilled that everyone who chooses one of our unique button dolls is getting an authentic creation worthy of any sentiment or home setting to treasure for evermore
                                ~Maria Rippingale 

Maria’s Wings of Enchantment          

About me…..

I grew up in the care of my grandmother who had learned to make do and mend.  There was never extra money for pleasurable activities. I can remember making stilts out of baked bean cans and go-carts with old pram wheels. Then the skateboard craze hit the UK and I proudly made my own from an off cut piece of wood and a pair of roller skates I had outgrown.

Creative beginnings….  

Many hours making clothes for my dolls from any scraps of materials I could lay my hands on was a favourite pastime too. Another fond memory is spending time playing with my grandmothers tin of beautiful vintage buttons. If only I had known then what I know now, I could have created to my hearts content.


As time progressed I learned how to knit and made clothing and toys for my own children. I also made them to send in the humanitarian convoys that helped the Romanian orphanages back in the 80’s.

In later years….

I entered the world of retail, and as my children grew older I rediscovered my love of dolls and bears.  Admittingly,  this resulted from my visits to my maternal grandmothers. As a child I would sit admiring the beautiful dolls and bears in cabinets that I longed to play with but never could. I started experimenting and designed my own patterns that would become Rippingale Bears which were often renditions of the past.

About My journey…..

It began some 15 years ago when I first saw a cute button doll in my friends kitchen. I was so intrigued by its simplicity that I asked my good friend Linda Wilson where she got it from. As usual she said she had made it. Linda has always been very forthcoming in sharing her knowledge with me, and so it was no surprise that she agreed to show me how to make one…..and that was the beginning of my obsession of making button dolls.

As always…..

It is my greatest desire to promote happiness and positive vibes through the experience of gifting or receiving one of my whimsical creations. Nothing pleases me more than seeing the inner child. Also the smile upon a persons face when they see one of Maria’s Wings of Enchantments button dolls. For me that is just perfect.    

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