Let's Create button dolls

Let’s Create button dolls section is excited to offer all types of button doll sewing kits for beginners and intermediate sewers. Each kit comes with materials, although each kit will require additional stuffing and general sewing thread. Sometimes a dab of glue is also required. Included are buttoning diagrams and easy to follow instructions to make your very own button doll.

We have button doll kits of all descriptions, from fairies, angels, celebration dolls and whimsical characters for you to choose from. Each button doll can be sat or displayed on a wall. These are perfect for making, collecting and gifting…..your choice.

But be warned….you may want to keep it as making button dolls can be quite addictive. Please be aware that these button dolls are not intended as a child’s play item due to small parts. Rest assured that Let’s Create button dolls will bring hours of enchanted creating.

Button Doll Blessings…

and Happy Sewing

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