steampunk cats and mice

Steampunk cats and mice are an amazing selection of one of a kind  button dolls dressed in the steampunk Victorian style. Each one of a kind character has a body made with luscious mohair.  Each character has a selection of carefully selected beads and buttons to create the arms and legs. These are strung together on strong thread to allow a little movement adding to their charm. We traditionally use shanked shoulder buttons and big feet buttons are usually decorated with clock cogs.

These demure cats have an acrylic cat button face. Whilst the mice are completely made with mohair that have glass bead eyes and long waxed cotton whiskers.

Each steampunk whimsical creation is approximately 5 to 6 inches in size but bursting with heaps of character.

Their top hats are usually covered in gorgeous silk and adorned with beautiful ribbons. we also use tiny beads and pendants reminiscent of the Victorian era. Metal flowers also  add to their steampunk charm too.

The costumes are also adorned with beautiful ribbons and beads encapsulating the theme of the character.

These amazing Steampunk cats and mice would look wonderful as an added accompaniment to any steampunk collection. They are small enough to display anywhere and look great sat on vintage books or just on a shelf. I’m sure they will quickly catch anyone’s attention and become a talking point as they are quite unique. They would also lend themselves as an addition to any teddy bear collection too.

It seems fitting that since button dolls are an almost forgotten bygone craft, bringing them back from the past with vintage styles is a way to ensure this craft is not lost.

Steampunk button doll blessings.

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