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The Dragonfly Fairy Mouse



The Dragonfly Fairy Mouse says...
may you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon.

The Dragonfly Fairy mouse was inspired by my love of dragonflies. She is so petit at approximately 3 inches in size and fits in the palm of your hand.

Her little mouse body is made with a beautiful pale fawn coloured sparse mohair and she has black glass bead eyes. She also has long waxed cotton whiskers, felt ears, and a long leather tail. A mixture of tiny silver and white beads carefully strung together form her arms which hold a silver tone dragonfly charm.

The simple gathered pale blue dress has an overall white circle print. A net overskirt is edged with decorative blue and lilac twisted wool. Blue glitter is also added at the hemline.

This enchanting little fairy mouse likes to dress in style. That is why she wears a hat  adorned with acrylic flower beads.

Her amazing dragonfly fairy wings are made with silver bugle beads and tiny seed beads wired together, making them poseable.

Hiding under her dress are the cutest glass oval bead feet that allow her to stand.

The Dragonfly Fairy Mouse is certainly a whimsical character and she is a one of a kind creation.  She  would make the perfect addition to any fairy, dragonfly or mouse collection.

I’m sure she would flutter her way in and steal anyone’s heart  if allowed.

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