• Holly Hannah angel sewing kit

Holly Hannah Angel sewing kit


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Holly Hannah Angel sewing kit. When no one is looking she tiptoes through the glistening snow, blessing all the fallen berries from the holly tree. This ensures that they will grow when the snow has melted away.

Holly Hannah Angel sewing kit is a delight to make. First of all you will make the simple body from the fabric provided. and then sew on the piece of wool  for her hair. Then you will make the dress with the holly printed fabric and sew on the lace and ribbon  trim at the hemline.  Sequins and bead embellishments will adorn her dress, along the ribbon and a ribbon and bell embellishment at the chest.

Her holly wings will be made with a double layer of felt, adding the detailing with a simple running stitch. A few securing stitches will keep her wings in place.

Then you will sew on the red shanked buttons for her shoulders. After this you will thread the buttons for her arms onto strong linen thread, adding a jingle bell  for each hand. Her legs are made in the same way with big buttons used for her shoes.

Last but not least, you can now sew on her mistletoe sequin and beads to her hairline making her look very angelic and fabulous.

All the materials are include in the kit with the exception of a small amount of stuffing and general sewing thread.

Holly Hannah Angel sewing kit, when completed would look perfect displayed on a wall or simply sat on a shelf.   

Please be aware that when completed, this angel button doll is not intended as a child’s play item due to small parts.

Everything you need is included in the kit except general sewing thread and a small amount of stuffing.


  • body fabrics 
  • dress fabric
  • strong thread
  •  beads and buttons
  • pipe cleaners
  • beads
  • jingle bells
  • instructions
  • buttoning diagram
  • body pattern
  • felt
  • embroidery thread
  •  sequins


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