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Ice Queen Skater sewing kit


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Ice Queen Skater sewing kit

The Ice Queen Skater sewing kit is a fabulous sewing project to get you in the festive mood. Imagine her gliding around the sparkly glistening ice rink making circles in the glistening ice.

All the materials you need are included in this wonderful sewing kit except for general sewing thread, a small amount of stuffing and a dab of glue. There are easy printed instructions to follow with full size patterns ready to cut out and use. There is also a buttoning sequence diagram for instructions of how to make the arms and legs. The materials are separated into two separate bags. One is labelled arms and the other is labelled legs so you don’t have to sort them.

First you will make up the body comprising of four pieces. The back and front head pieces, and the back and front blue bodice fabric will be sewn together and stuffed. 

Now the real fun begins. This is where you bring your doll to life as you add all the pieces that make her look fabulous.

It’s now time to sew on the silver braiding down the front of the bodice. Then you will sew on the silver braid to hide the the join of the body and head. Next, you will sew on her silver fringing for the skirt . After attaching her skirt it’s now time to make her arms by first sewing on her shoulder buttons. Once this is done you string the beads and buttons following the diagram. The legs are made in the same way, and this where you add her cute little skating boots.

To finish off her attire it’s now time to attach her marabou feather hair and silver head band.   Now you can add the embellishments to her bodice with a dab of glue.

By attaching the plastic loop to her back she can be displayed on the wall for everyone to admire. Or simply sit her on a shelf.


  • body fabrics 
  • skirt fringe
  • strong thread
  •  beads and buttons
  •  embellishments
  • marabou feather for hair
  • silver pipe cleaner
  • instructions
  • buttoning diagram
  • body pattern


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