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Wish Upon A Star Angel



Wish Upon A Star Angel

The Wish Upon A Star Angel is here to listen to your wishes and release them to the universe. They do come true, you just have to believe.

This beautiful little angel is approximately 6 inches in size and has a cloth body.

Blue jingle bells are sewn on for her shoulders. A simple arrangement of white buttons and beautiful white beads are strung together allowing some movement. A star charm is also place between her hands for you to make a wish upon. Her legs are also a simple arrangement of white buttons made the same way with iridescent white  beads for her knees. She also has  larger cerise pink buttons for her feet.

Her sparkly blue net dress is gathered at the chest and waistline. A shimmering star embellishment is also added to the chest and a ribbon is placed around her waist.

 Silver and  white pipe cleaners are placed, framing her face, giving the illusion of a bonnet. Last but not least she has beautiful two tone blue  angel wings to make her very serene and angelic.

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